nice so my roommate bought a router for the house and i just got it today.

the thing is so damn sleek and beautiful its incredible. also im running on 5 GHz signal now?? so less interference and apparently faster speed…the only that says to me is “faster anime downloads”

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Now is the turn of lux, is a design I had in mind long before the skin to come out of Fizz! and good to see they took the fizz I decided to do at the end. I think it’s a subject that you feel very good to Lux, change the power of the light from the darkness. At first vat to make style Syndra, but history could make Lux been absorbed by the void, and laughter you have in the game, if the distorting stay perfect, hopefully Riot will fix this Skin.

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please kill the internet


makoto should have looked at the clock then he would have realized sooner


Here is a photoset of a modern men’s yukata. Traditionally men’s kimono and yukata are in extremely subdued colors (variations of cream, denim blue, grey or brown). In modern fashion, as kimono and yukata become less common and more the property of fashionably quirky people, the demand for a little more color has emerged.

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i spent the last 10 hours writhing in fiery pain from that goddamned cheeseburger challenge

at least now i can move without having to fall back onto the fetal position

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